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Official Movies Thread


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The Thread is obviously what is stated...its regarding new movies, past movies, or movies you just seen, Enjoy!


Just saw G.I joe this past Friday....didnt expect much for this movie, but wanted to see it none the less.....let me tell you...the movie was awesome....pretty much non stop action... Sienna Miller was just Amazing as the Baroness, shes just drop dead gorgeous in the movie, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow were kick a$$ because they are ninjas lol..but yea you guys should give this move a go and check it out.

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Sienna Miller was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fawwwwwwwwwwwwkingggggggggggggg hotttttttttttttttttt in that movie. jebus H. i googled her after and she definitely looks better with darker hair. AND BOOBIES!!!

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the transformers gurl got a award for bein the hottest acrtess off 09 or 08 or something like that. Which is definetly earned.


She also got an award for being the trashiest in my award show


Megan Fox, eh she just is trying to be too much like how Angelina Jolie was when she was younger...but at least Jolie was tolerable.


Colter: A classy woman is wifey type.....Megan Fox is the type you sleep with a couple times and toss her the side....basically kinda like Slicks...you only use them on those certain days, not an everyday thing lol

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so has anyone seen the Orphan? i hope not. that movie looks terrible. ive noticed the new trend in horror movies is to have little kids, but cmon, this little 10 year old girl is kicking the crap out of all these people and terrifying the family. are you serious. just pick her up and smack her in the face. /movie

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^ Colt no I heard the movie was terrible!


Im going to go see District 9 on Friday, and Inglorious Basterds next Friday.....Yeaaaaaaaaaah Buddy! Tarentino usually doesnt disappoint me.

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yeah inglorious bastards looks good. not sure about district 9, could be good, could be too sci fi for me.


and i hope youre doin the yeaaaaaaaaah buddddddaaaay of big ron coleman. LIGHT WEIGHT LIGHT WEIGHT

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i agree with the touching, but smelling is not one of the senses i use on the breastsisess.


who doesnt smell boobies??????????????


smelling boobs.....




You boring Americans (jk :p) should try using more than one sense when you have sex...it makes it muuuuch better ;) :devil: (I'm more european and wild with it I guess :D hehe)

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