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Ball Joint Boot replacement, Upper Arm


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I'll be replacing brake rotors soon (death rattle), and thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the ball joint and tie rod boots that are split.


The parts catalog doesn't show a boot for the upper arm, only the lower. What's the deal there? Don't tell me the whole upper arm needs replacing?


Thanks for your clarification.

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Its probably not worth your time to replace them, if they are split and theres no play theres really no need to spend upwards of an hour per boot to install a 3 dollar part since you wont see any results other than a non cracked boot... just my opinion.


Most modern ball joints that are pressed and stamped, like that upper ball joint. The part will only be available as an arm and ball joint assembly and even if you technically could press one out and find a replacement, it most likely will fail shortly thereafter because when you press that joint out you expand and distort the metal... And they probably wont offer just the boot beause its really not common to replace just the boot

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Another ball joint boot question...this time for the lower one:


The schematic shows two circlips for that boot, one 42mm and another one. Do both of these usually need replacing when changing the boot? I don't want to spend the $ on unnecessary parts.


I did one on my Saab awhile back and remember mangling a circlip but it was a slightly different config...


Thanks again

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