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96 Honda Accord Ex VTEC for 700


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So check it out....heres the deal


i just bought a 96 Honda accord Ex with a vtec in it and im wonderin if it was worth it. Idk too much about cars, but i like the vtec in it...drives badass and everything but thats pretty much the only thing thats good with the car. It has 180,000 miles, a full body kit but its wobbly and looks like its on its last legs. it has a few dings on the drivers side, the spoiler is in the same condition as the body kit, the interior seats are torn, no A/C and no radio, the light switch is broken and to top it all off the car is leaking oil, though i have reason to believe it is the oil gasket.


The only good thigns about it are the Vtec engine, has new tires, has rims (not that badass) and cool foot pedals. So my question is....for 700$ was it worth the cost?


and second....i have two options. i can sell it for the same price, and get my money back and buy a diff car at an auction or i can keep it and fix it up. keep it as a project car.


the only problem is if i keep it, i must drive it back home to texas and right now im in colorado which is about 1200 miles away. so if i decide to keep the car, which things should i fix first/check or do in order to make sure that it makes it all the way back to texas?


im torn as to what to decide because i drove the vtec for a little bit and it feels good at my finger tips but the rest of the car is fracked.....and then again im not even sure if itll take me all the way back home.

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meh id pass on it. sounds like the car was beat on pretty good and wasnt maintained properly. those are the only problems that you saw right away, so there are probably more that you havent seen yet. and the 1996 EX has an F22 in it i believe, and actually a lot of people swap in H22's, so the motors is meh. and with 180,000 on it and not knowing how it was taken care of, i would definitely pass on it

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