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AccordHEART's Build Thread.


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I used to be a regular on this board, but around a year(or more) ago I just stopped posting for no reason. Always wanted to start a build thread to keep track of my progress over the years, but I never got around to it. I've had my car for about 3 years now, so I guess it's better late than never. Anyway, Here's where it starts:


My car is a 1995 Accord LX Sedan. It's currently auto(sigh)matic, with the basically stock F22B2. The car has been totaled once, not by me. Got hit in the front because of a drunk driver. Motor was rebuilt and all that fun stuff. Between 2006 and early 2008 I blew 11 high pressure power steering hoses. Nobody could figure out the problem, so I just took off the belt, pump, removed reservoir, etc. Let's move onto the mod list and my plans for it and I'll try to explain as we go along so there isn't a WALL of text here.





The car when I first got it, essentially unmodded other than I had removed the hubcaps because they rubbed on the tires and annoyed the hell out of me and some minor stuff the previous owner did.




The rear after I removed altezzas, before exhaust/lowered.




Wheel gap before it was lowered.




And after.




Semi-Recent side shot. Was really early this year.




Butt. Also, can't touch that 10 second minivan.




SE wheels. Two needed tires, some curb rash. Still a steal for $75.




Most recent front shot I have. When I get it back on the road again I'll take some recent ones. Also crappy cell phone pic, also a piece of Repsol's Del Sol in the background.




Mod List

(This will be updated as things change.)

-Ebay No Name SRI. $40

-Tsudo N1 Cat-back. $250

-Front Strut Bar. $30.

-Megan Racing Lowering Springs. $120

-6000k HID Conversion kit. $88

-2500k 'Hyper Yellow' High beams. $45

-Amber Corners. Free.

-Ebay 4-2-1 header. $70

-Sony Xplod head unit. $120

-New front speakers. $80

-KYB GR2s (rear) $240.





Waiting To Be Installed:

-1997 Accord Special Edition Wheels. $75





Future Plans:

(This will also be updated in more detail later.)

-New rear speakers.

-10" Sub w/ amp.

-Some rotas.

-5 Speed Swap.

-Putting together a turbo kit that'll get me into the low 14's.



Constructive criticism is welcome. Will have list of turbo/5 speed parts I have/do not have in the next post.

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5 Speed Swap Parts List

Items in green are ones I have.

-5 speed transmission

-5 speed starter

-5 speed shifter assembly w/ shifter cables

-5 speed drivers side axle

-5 speed intermediate shaft

-5 speed clutch pedal assembly

-5 speed brake pedal arm

-Clutch master cylinder w/ reservoir and lines

-Clutch line from Clutch master cylinder to clutch dampener

-Clutch dampener assembly

-Clutch line from Clutch dampener to 5 speed tranny

-Clutch line from 5 speed tranny to slave cylinder

-Slave Cylinder



-5 speed mount

-5 speed mount bracket


Note - This is a list that I've been going by that I got off of H-T.

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Eh, wasn't really their fault. My 'high flow cat' was about 1/2 inch too short, and nobody noticed. We put both the header and the test pipe on at the same time. We ended up going and getting some longer bolts(because we though the old ones were a little too short) and cranking down on them, hard, to get it to seal. Ended up with some bent flanges and busted welds, because the whole exhaust system was one gigantic bind.



inb4 LOL, fail, etc

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Thanks. Other than wheels, that's pretty much as far as the exterior is gonna go. These SE wheels will hopefully look as good as I think they will when I put them on. Either way, it beats steelies. Down the road I'm gonna get some Rotas or something. I was thinking about red GT-3s. But they'll have to wait for now. Because after I install my shocks, and fix my exhaust it's time for some junkyard hunting for 5 speed parts. Automatic is killing me. :(

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