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99 si cluster in crx


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i did not write this, but i just did 99 si cluster in my crx using this, and as easy what the write up said. the only thing didn't work is the light show the door is open, other then that everything work.




99-00 civic si cluster swap into 88-91 crx 99-00 civic si cluster swap into 88-91 crx


I got this DIY write-up from XjamesX on CR-XC I saw it and thought it would be a good idea to spread it over to TJ since we have a big crx groupnumber1emoticon5wt.gif

It looked very interesting..and something im gonna dosmile.gif



Well here is a write up on how to install a 99-00 civic Si cluster in your EF. I installed it in my 91 CRX si. All the wiring is done for a 90-91 Crx. The wiring is the same for 90-91 civic hatches. The fitment may be a little different in hatches but should work. I am getting mixed feedback about the wiring for 88-89 models, I am not 100% positive if the wiring is the same but I will have it figured out shortley and will add the 88-89 wiring when finished.


OK 88-89 wiring is added. The wire colors are the same but the pin placements are different. I added clip pictures and a chart for the 88-89 crx/civics. Another thing you will have to change is the dimmer switch clip for the 90-91 cluster hood. Just swap the 88-89 clip with the 90-91 clip. The wire colors are the same so just match up the wires and it will work


Here is a list of things needed to comlete the swap.




10mm socket ( to unbolt speedo)

philips head screw driver

wire cutters

soldering iron

electrical tape


Items needed:


96-00 Civic cluster Si, EX, DX, HX whichever you want to use. I chose the Si because it looks cool.

Cluster clips that plug into the civic cluster. With some wire attached the more the better

Any electronic speedo from 92 and up civic or 94 and up integra.

Clip that plugs ontop of the speedo also with some wire


The only things needed to be modified to fit the cluster into the dash where the metal tabs inside the cluster bowl. Just unscrew them and there is plenty of room. As far as bolting it down it is in pretty tight and takes some shifting to get the cover over the cluster but when it is in it is tight. I have been driving the car for a few weeks now and it didn't vibrate or shift in any way. If you wanted to screw it in you could drill some holes into the roof of the gauge cover and put screws through it into the tabs on the civic clusterbut it isnt nessacary.




Here is the wiring. The blue clips are for the civic and the grey are the crx. You need to wire in the blue clips in place of the grey ones. The red X's mean the wire isnt used. 11 of the 17 wires match up in color and have the same function. Look at the last chart and you will see what I mean.






88-89 clips




90-91 wiring color chart



88-89 wiring color chart



VSS installation:


Pull the cover up over the cable on the VSS then push the retaining clip off of the cable and pull the cable out of the Vss. Then take the 10mm socket and your rachet and unbolt the cable driven Vss from the tranny. I also used 3/8 15" extension and a swivel head to get the 10mm bolt out.




Here is the cable driven Vss from my crx (note I have a b16 and your cable Vss may look different.



This is a pic of a 99 civic Vss I stole from my sisters car for picture purposes. This Vss will work fine.


here is a pic of the VSS I used. The black part is from a 99 integra and the bottom part is from a 92 civic Si. These 2 parts work fine together. I ordered the metal piece from honda for $39 and the black piece used for $35. I stole the gear out of my sisters civic and it works with the teg/civic combo Vss I used. I also ordered new Oring seals for the VSS just to be on the safe side. Those where about $5 total.



This is the connector you will need that plugs onto the electronic Vss. I didn't have one So I just plugged wires directly onto the VSS and sealed them up.


Next just slip the electronic VSS into the tranny and bolt up with the 10mm bolt. Now here is the wiring, I don't have pics of the prosses but it is easy to understand. There are 3 wires coming out of the VSS plug. Power, signal and ground. The power wire you have to run to a switched power source, pin B4 and A15 on the civic clips will work fine. The ground wire you just have to ground, splice it into an exsisting ground or create a new one either will work. The signal wire has to be split into 2. Run one signal into the back of the cluster in pin A11, The other into Pin B16 on the ECU. You split the signal because both the cluster and Ecu need the Vehicle speed signal.


ADDED: signal wire diagram.



Here are some pics of it installed and working. Sorry the night pic didnt come out very well but you get the idea.




Also I dont take any responsibility for any damages that maybe caused by this swap. Enjoywink.gif__________________

02 psm wrx.(blown motor) built motor in the process

89 crx HF..SOLD!!!frown.gif

05 toyota tundra sr5 4DR 4.7L v8

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