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Me and my step dad started repairing a huge scratch/scuff on my rear fender. We puddy'd, sanded, primer'd, and painted a layer of the factory paint on. My situation is that my step dad was meaning to help me finish it but he had to leave for 6 months to work in iraq. So now i want to start working on it and finishing myself but i have no idea what im doing for the most part.


First of all, it doesnt match... the new paint looks alot newer than the old paint (assuming sun damage)


Second the paint looks like its layered on.. ill put up pics tomorrow but it looks like it needs to be sanded down but im scared to do that because the original sand paper we used before painting scratched... Yes i know i am supposed to wet sand with a finer grit but i am kind of afraid to do anything with out any idea the exact grit.


Mostly i am just posting this to get some step by step instructions of my situation...


I have primer,paint,puddy,clear coat, a few types of sand paper at the other house that are really fine grit but i cant remember the exact number at the moment. Probably around 1200.


Id really appreciate the help and would be happy if no one made fun of me for my situation lol. Not trying to sound like a nub with this car stuff because ive been trying to slowly learn as much as i can.



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well ur in kind off a bad spot tbh. Since you have 2 diff colors on the car ud have too match the other paint which isnt too easy but it just depends too wat kind off paint ur using. You can use 1000 grit or 1200. 1000 would do fine.

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Yeah... Finished and it looks like crap. The factory color is way darker than my paint is now. Kind of gay lol. Does anyone know any good websites i could try to match the paint with? maybe send them my gas cap or something and be able to get a spray can of the color back?

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take it to a local paint shop and they'll mix it for you. they have a huge book with all the paints imaginable. then for every stock color, they have a few different options to account for fading. then you can hold the options next to the paint and see which one matches the best.

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Have you tried buffing out the rest of car?? When I get through buffing a car thats 5-18 years old it gets alot darker and deeper. Due to removing all blemishes and oxidation. Sorry different angles and tint darkened it up as well, but the paint was night and day! :thumbsup:



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This gay painting crap is the devil. Lol. Put on wax/tar remover, sanded, primed (primer went on great and sanded down great), finally got the correct color, put the paint on over it, and it dried like this WTF....








I used even coats, steady hand, didnt get too close, didnt let it run, and it dries like that. Im about to drive it off a bridge.


SOMEBODY PLEASE save me this misery(sp) and tell me wtf im doing wrong because this is getting seriously old.


PS: sorry for the picture, i took them when the sun was almost gone (because i spent all day working on it)

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your f*cked

lol jk


at most, you can go to a local paint shop and ask them for advice and see what is going on,

many of them are cool and will take a look at the situation and tell you what you are doing wrong, and what you should do from here.


but on a couple occasions, iv had them tell me i need to get a paint job from them for them to discuss anything like that

but they are just pricks so.


but good luck on the situation

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you never know

i would try to give you some advice on that


but seeing as how i don't paint cars for a profession, nor for a hobby, i dont have that much advice ha

and i don't want to tell you something to do with your paint, and it end up blowing your engine lol

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good motto to have

what i would do if i were you is take the rear fender off if u can,

sand it all down, and try again on the whole thing if you already have the paint matched up


that way the whole fender will look even and be easier to blend in with the car

instead of just the spot where the problem is


and its paint, if it messes up, you can always try again

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looks like it reacted to the primer, or the primer could have reacted to your cleanser(s)


you wouldn't use "heavy duty" sand paper to sand it down, follow the proper prep steps.

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i already sanded it off and went down to bare metal. It looks like the last pictures. I am using some paint i got mixed at napa, and some urethane primer. Its so irritating.


I went to the paint shop today and asked, they told me for them to do it it would be 150 for alittle spot and it probably is wrinkling because of the primer, they said it might not be compatable.

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