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Spark plug problem


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Hey everyone I have a 93 del sol with 231000 miles on it and i bought it from an old dude a year ago, so i decided to replace the spark plugs and wires today ... So I start from right to left and the second one i came to will not come out it feels like its not hittin the threads or anything ... Does anyone know what the prob could be or if i need to get an oversized spark plug wrech or what the deal is ... Im stumped and really wanna get this last spark plug out .... help

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Little tip if your installing a spark plug into an Aluminium head (as you are) use some anti-sieze. If the problem is the plug is stuck in the head that should prevent it from happening again. Also check torque specs installing the plugs at the proper torque ensures that your plug will be in the correct position in the firing chamber.

As for getting it out I'd suggest a cheater bar, and if all else fails take it to a machine shop.

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could it be that the plug was put in crooked and the threads were crossed


and make sure u avoid that when putting them back in

just a reminder







if muscle wont work...you may have a problem on your hands...


ive delt with tight plugs b4, but never any that i just couldnt get out...


thats weird

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Impact to remove, but DO NOT EVER use one to install! Has it ever had a haed gasket leak? One of the hardest plugs I ever removed was in a hatch that had a head gasket leak in one cylinder! It took an impact to break it loose, but the head gasket had been replaced, but they didn't touch the spark plugs! >_<

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had the number 4 plug stuck in my z6 head when i was breakin it down to do the rebuild, i just sprayed it with a lil pb blaster(if you cant find that try aerokroil) i just let it sit for bout 15 mins the hit it with the 1/2 inch impact and it broke loose in less than a second, but as before stated DO NOT use the imact to put em back in, as suggested check torque ratings on them and put them in accordingly....also the anti-sieze was right on the money a few minutes or prep can save hours of work later on....

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Anti-seize on spark plugs = bad. It insulates them which could cause them to overheat. You might be ok... but probably better off just cleaning the threads with a thread chaser and maybe some PB or WD40 and then putting the new plug in. As for how tight... I think it's usually somewhere between 20 and 40 ft-lbs. Basically just get it snug and then go a bit farther. do NOT crank on it.


Back on the anti-seize thing again... If you really feel the need to put anti-seize on, get spark plugs with a higher heat rating.

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