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1993 honda accord a/c fan making a buzzing noise


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I have a 1993 honda accord and i went to start my car last night and the a/c fan started making a buzzing noise and wont quit i turned the a/c off and on and does the same thing my mechanic said he would do a price check to see how much it would cost for a new fan, is thier anything i can do myself to try and make it stop, the a/c still comes out cold just making that buzzing noise

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quick advise,


under the passenger side of your dash, there will be plastic covers, which cover up your fan. screwdrive those off, or, better yet, just run it and put your head right there. if the sound is coming from right there, turn it off and feel up in around the fan to remove any obstructions, but in the long run, you will probably end up needing a new fan.

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