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Tethering PC to XBOX

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Okay there has got to be a total computer nerd somewhere on this forum...


I've been trying for the past three days to get my XBOX tethered to my computer so that I can play XBL. I've tried bridging the connection, won't set an IP address for the XBOX, so that's out of the window.


What I've been trying to do is enable Internet Connection Sharing. But everytime I go to do it, it gives me an error message and won't allow me to do it.


Can anyone help me with this?


And for the 'tards in the group... I'm not running 100' of CAT5 cable through my house and cannot afford to buy the wireless adapter. So just help me with the problem at hand.

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1. Have a wireless adapter for your 360


2. Download the teathering application for your iphone


3. Once its downloaded activate it through USB only


4. Plug a ethernet cord from your router to the laptop/comp


5. Make sure your internet is being used off of the 3g on your Iphone


6. The xbox will recognize the internet connection from your laptop and it will be able to transfer a connection that way.

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I live upstairs from the router. And I have zero dollhairs to buy the adapter. Sucks being broke and living with your parents.


And Javy, I got the iPhone to work as a receiver for the wireless in the house, but still have to get ICS to work so I can share the connection with my XBOX.


I was hoping Ryan would help out with the diagnostic side of that one for me.

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are you using a laptop or a PC? how is the PC connected to the internet?


If wirelessly, you should be able to just bridge the connection, like you said you did.


What OS are you running?


Edit: try following this link http://www.trap17.com/index.php/Internet-C...top_t54749.html

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Kegster - you need to bridge the connection from a computer/ laptop to make it work, you cannot just plug your iphone into the port....but then again I really havent tried...but I assume it wouldnt work, the way I did it was have an ethernet cord from my laptop to my xbox...so it looked like this..


Laptop w/ ethernet cable ----> Wireless Router -----> 360 wifi found the internet connection ----> Connected...I'll see if I can record a video on my phone tonight and send it to you or upload it to my Youtube account and then you can see what the eff im talking about lol




*Side note* Did you sucessfully get the teathering to work on your iphone?

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