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little bit of help

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ok so im working on my lowered sol and im trying to find out what do you guys suggest for fixing the rear camber and how to install which ever part i need... ive found so many different types of things to fix it but i cant figure out which one i need and which are crap and how much i should expect to pay.


its only lowered maybe a inch right now but i might want to go lower.


second issue


I need to get new shocks since mine are used and comepletely shot. i have coilovers and i was told that i can just buy new shocks and put my coilover on the new shocks? so what kind so i need to get. whats the best for the best price.

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you can get a camber kit from ingalls or omni-power. other companies make them, but these are good quality.


you could also be cheap and do the washer trick like this: http://www.team-integra.net/sections/artic...p?ArticleID=744

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what kind of coilovers do you have


i know this is a horrible answer but i dont know, they came on the car when i got it and i assume they are no name el cheapo's...


i cant go looking right now cause its pouring outside but i think if i had to pick a color i say blue

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The color is irrelevant since you can buy ebay springs in every color of the rainbow. If you are lucky the band name is printed on one of the coils. Tokico street products are usually a light blue.

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