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vtec and temp gauage problem


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i conv my obd0 setup to obd1, hook up all the wire, except o2 sensor cuz i don't have a 4 wire o2 yet, so anyway, my p28 chipped ecu vtec suppose to kick in around 4400 rpm, but it didn't kick in till 6, also i have no temp signal, no temp gauage, like the engine was cold, even it was running for over an hour, the ecu gave a big different but my vtec don't kick in till 6. also after i get on it shifting around 8 by the time i hit 3rd gear, check engine light came on, i havne't able to catch that engine code, i ran without o2 before where my vtec still kick in factory settings, will it becuz the temp gauge have no signal and vtec kick in later?? i remeber when my engine cold vtec don't kick in at all, so i'm not sure, this is little new to me. and how to fix the temp gauage?? anyone have that problem before

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