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is my transmission slipping?


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ok so my car is doing something weird. i have a 95 civic lx with d16z6 swap. my dumbass friend decided to do a reverse to first bunout...twice. and now my transmission is acting up. sometime it feels as if it has fallen into neutral and is just free revving. to get it to chatch again, i have to stop. turn the car off, put it in park and start it again and then it will act fine sometime for a few feet, sometimes for a few miles. it seems the less the car is driven. the less often this problem occurs. could this mean my transmission is slipping and that i need a new one? anyone else have these kinds of problems? any kinda of information or opinions would be helpful

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wow..... your "friend" is a b**ch....



Step 1... drop off car at transmission shop.


Step 2... Shoot out "friend's" knee caps.


Step 3... Cry when you see the bill.



I can help with step 2...lol..


ya your transmission is F**ked up. sorry. never do a nutral drop!! well this gives you the perfect time to do a manual swap.

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