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a nice sol and a house? what kind of house can you get for like 80 grand?


depends on where you live.. in vegas my dads 3 bedroom 2 bath house is like 200k or something stupid


out here you can get a over 3000 sq ft house with a crap load of land for like 200k


we looked at a bank owned property with an acre or so of land.. about 4500 sq ft.. and a four car garage/workshop in the back for like 60k.. needed new paint/carpet and appliances... was way too big

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I finally broke down and let Chris get me a cell phone. I've been without one for 18 months now and I actually really enjoyed not having one. Maybe I'll enjoy having it after a while.

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challenger was comfy too, but the interior was even cheaper feeling. the mustang just clicked with me for some reason. anyone have anything to say about the new camaro?


bowtie bullsh!t pretty much





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Camaro? Not sure if I like it or not yet. What Trim Mustang did you drive?

new camaro = TITS, seen one while i was home, omg SEXY!


the new camaros are pretty sick. id definitely take one over a new mustang

+1 the new camaros are the best out of the mustang and challanger IMO.. they just look AWESOME and feel great!


camaro > challenger >>>>>>>>> mustang :thumbsup:

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what's with everyone's obsession with posting their obsessive tendencies about shark week all over facebook?!

you noticed that too? bunch of creepers i tell ya

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