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New here, give me ideas (painted rims on bronze)


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So I'm new here, been around cars and forums alot tho.

I used the search tool and it really wasnt efficient.


So lets see your bronze/champagne 5th gen accords,

with a brief list of what you have done to it. I'm a little uncertain as to what looks right and what doesnt on these cars. (I know i know... It's my car, do what i want)


Car needs new tires soon so i'm thinking about just getting a rim/tire combo off craigslist instead.

I found a set but they are black with polished lip which is the most horrible and played out combo ever IMO, especially on a bronze car so lets get some ideas and pictures up in here of what other options there are and what I could paint the black part. (I'm thinking flat white? subtle purple? gunmetal? gold even?)


Not mine but its as stock and identical to this, except four doors for more whores:




Oh and i see a drop in the near future.



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perfect, just the sort of thread I was looking for, thanks mod!


what do you say about 13"? would look stupid without a drop? or what?


tire size is 205/60/13, he wont give me an offset yet tho.


In the add he says they are 4x114.3, but in the email he says "4x100 like the civic's"

help my white ass out here...


what does the accord require?

they arent interchangeable from what i understand (I have a BMW e30 with 4x100)

and civics are also 4x114.3 IIRC


so is this guy under the assumption that 4x100=4x114.3?

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13" are pretty damn small man. i think those are smaller than what you have on there now. on this body style accord i would go with 16" or 17" with atleast a 2 inch drop. your bolt pattern is 4x114.3 which is not the same as 4x100

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