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Question for you boosted guys...

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Since I can't safely ask this question on any Subaru forum (Subie guys may know why) I'm asking you...


I'm looking for a new BOV, and want to know what you guys are running. My main concern is not having a high pitched wheez, but rather more of a "whoosh" sound. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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first off, dont get a bov. they arent good for subies. your engine is expecting the boost to be recycled back with the stock bypass valve.


buuuuuuuuuut, if you must get one, get the greddy rs bov.

it sounds almost like a whip when you shift.


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^hadn't heard that about subies...so it doesn't need a bov for pressure?


I've heard good things about Tial and Greddy :)



subarus have a bypass valve. it recirculates the boost back into the motor instead of venting it atmospherically. it helps build the boost quicker and its better for the car. BOVs make your car burn really really rich whenever you let off the gas or shift

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