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My New Whip!!!

i heart my ek9

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Well about a year ago me and my GF went through a bad breakup and she moved out so i needed something to keep my mind busy

so i went out and i bought a hatch shell and this is what i got so far


its a 1995 honda civic hatch



GSR suspension all around

Skunk 2 Coil overs

Carbon fiber hood

Newly upholstered back seats with original honda fabric

2000 Si front seats

The Engine is bone stock also missing an intake which im getting sometime next week (i hope)


i got alot more planned for her still


i still need some headers

intake (of course)

i need a new starter cuz its going out on me

also need to fix the alarm cuz i live in the ghetto so its a must!

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i really do want to get the stock honda steering wheel


man i went to go smog it today for re registration and it didnt pass


so now i have to go get the bootleg smogs monday so i cant drive my cute little powder till maybe tuesday so it sucks


oh and a question when im turning i hear a fast clicking noise until the car is facing forward again what can it be?

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looks good, i also say new steeringwheel is a must... jdmland.com is where i got alot of my parts from so they are reliable :thumbsup:


too bad you live in cali, i have a friend thats selling his JDM B16A with spoon cam gears for $1,500 for the complete swap


better not get too much JDM stuff you be labeled as a ricer, ooooh noooooes :laugh:

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thank you guys i really appreciate it


i was thinking about looking on ebay for one and i also thought about doing the auto zone one to


but i mean if imma spend money on a part i rather go the whole way



heres what the engine looks like i cleaned it up a bit it looked like crap



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i finally picked up some parts this weekend for my car


i got myself an AEM Short Ram Intake


I also got me some Megan Racing 4-2-1 Header set


ill have pictures up soon im also trying to paint my valve cover but not sure on the color yet. any suggestions?


also im trying to think what kind of rims i wanna throw on it any suggestions would be appreciated?!

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