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Exhaust wrap

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Hey I have seen exhaust wrap advertised, and I was wondering if it is actually effective in reducing engine compartment temps. Also, if so, would wrapping my SRI in it cool down the SRI pipe and essentially get colder air into the engine? What do you guys think about this idea?

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i have my headers wrapped and it does reduce the engine temp quite a bit... atleast i think... and the headers are touchable fairly quick too... but i mostly just wrapped mine cause they are cheap ebay ones and look like crap shortly after u use em... so now they just look kinda cool

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check out my posting on this subject.




I also plan on buying header wrap and wrapping my mainfold, turbo and downpipe. I have 2 sets of Inafred pictures. One before water cooling my turbo and after watercooling. I will take more after I wrap them.

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