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New to Hondas


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Hey guys, I recently bought a 95 Honda Accord to use as a beater. The car was a mess, but I've restored it as much as possible over the past 2 weeks. The paint was faded, the wheels were atrocious, the brakes barely worked (I don't think they were ever changed) and a few other minor things. After some good ol' TLC, I've really restored the car and brought it back to life.


Here is the car when I bought it. I actually traded a 2003 Suzuki Z400 for it (same value) because the ATV has been sitting for 3 years. I decided it was time to sell it and someone offered the trade. Worked out very well because my insurance went down $80 a month and I'll be saving on gas with the Accord (my other car gets about 19-21 on 93).




I spent an entire day cleaning up the car. As you can see, the paint was really bad on the hood. The left side is wet, the right side is dry.





After a full day of cleaning, clay barring, polishing, and waxing, here are the results. It still needs some work, but it's MUCH better than it was before.





And here it is with the new wheels and brakes. I didn't feel like spending too much on them, so i just bought some cheap Motegi's. They're OEM size with OEM sized tires. I was more interested in getting a smooth, quiet ride than anything else. The tires are great and the wheels are very light (14 lbs each), so I'm happy with the results. Plus they look a lot better than the wheels that were on it.




It still needs some work, but not much. The headlights are foggy, so I'm just going to replace them with those cheap JDM replicas and get some 4300K HIDs. I'm also going to paint the front bumper. It was replaced with either an unpainted bumper or the DX/LX bumper (not sure if those came painted) somewhere along the line, and I think it makes the car look really cheap. I'm also going to fix the rust on the rear fender eventually.

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yeah and not only blind the oncoming cars but when its foggy at all or rains you cant see jack sh!t.


I actually used to have HIDs in my old tC and I never had a problem with them. As long as they're properly aimed, they won't blind anyone. Also, it's the higher temp bulbs that are difficult to see when the ground is wet, 4300k is the OEM temp for all cars equipped with HIDs from the factory. It's the 6000k+ that are useless when it rains.

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It's not the HID's I'd worry about. It's how "authentic" the headlamps you'll be getting are. If they're BS at all they won't project worth a crap and goddamn wasting money on an HID kit for fail ass headlights.

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looks like you use the same wax as me.. good job



looks decent.. a lot better then when you first got it


I was talking to someone who has a scion and he said something about since the housing on some cars in circular it doesnt scatter as much but my honda probably would have an oval housing and it would scatter.. just saying.. i dont know crap about HIDS so im go by what im told on them

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