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Anti theft problem...


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Hey guys,


New to the forum and having a problem with my GF's 2001 Accord DX.


There is a green key flashing on the cluster which I have alread figured out is a problem with Immobilizer anti theft system. The symptoms are kind of weird though...


The car will start, (though we did have to try several times to get it to turn over) but the tachometer is totally dead (Just sits at 0 RPM's) and under any kind of acceleration it bucks like crazy. My understanding of the system is that the car will not start at all when the anti theft kicks in. Is that wrong?


I'm thinking the keys need to be reprogrammed/replaced and that will end all of the problems, as this all started at the same time (The light the tach and the bucking) or at least that is what I am hoping for.


Anyone know much about this system and how it operates?

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