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High flow cat

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any suggestions on brands?


we dont have smog checks here so like 80% of the fixed up cars and some that are not do not have cats because even though it is illegal not to have one or to cut on off you'd be surprised what you could get for 40 or 50 bucks


anyway mine might not have a cat but with how things are going i HOPE sc starts smog checks and I would rather get one on the car now because I know it should have one and it might cut down on my emissions a little more.


I don't want my car sounding like ass or a bumblebee so I need help


so far i've found kamikaze, magnaflow, and some no name ebay ones


right now my goes header->muffler-> tip and surprisingly its not that loud unless I'm in the gas a bit and it doesnt have that bumblebee or raspy sound


any help?

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i run a magnaflow with a thermal catback n it sounds great. low tone no bumble bee or tin can sounds. may need some fab work done to fit it though i had to on my Si. hope that helps.

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had a kamikaze n it was loud n raspy. my magnaflow is low n throaty n it doesnt even make that much noise when i step on it. which ever u choose hope your happy with your choice.

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im running a Meagan racing high flow cat... it has some insulation so it helps with the raspyness... my only downside is my car pops alot.. when shifting and when i let off on the gas...i have like no raspyness also cause i have a fiberglass filled resonator inline between the high flow cat and the tip... not kidding no raspy

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