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would these rims fit a sol?


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Even with a 5-lug conversion, the rolling diameter of those would pretty much have to be better than 1" greater than the Sol's designed for. (My 17's have tires about the same width, and my speedo is maybe 1/4 mph off at highway speeds). That would make your speedometer under-read by... 5% if my math is right. Hmmm... that's actually better than my Dad's Accord does.... albeit in the opposite direction.


Well, after ruining my own argument... :dry:


I guess cost and looks are the only valid reasons not to... Wish I could find that picture of a Sol with 22" rims

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del sol with 20's bleh



18's on a sol are a no-go, i got 15's and they look just fine.


big wheels = FAIL!

Agreed. But even that's better than the one sol I found... It was jacked up by a good 3 feet and had at least 22" rims with good-sized tires on them... Probably about the size of what you see on your typical Escalade.

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anything bigger then a 17 is basically stupid because you have to have the car so high to fit them


Even 17's are a bit iffy. Just sucks that maybe one rim out of twenty offers sizes 16" and under...

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a lot of rims have sizes under 16.. you just are not looking for the right ones


i dont think the 17s look bad on mine.. i get a lot of compliments actually


I agree there are a lot, it's just there are a far cry more that don't. And a fair number of those that do look like crap... IMO of course.


And yes, your Sol pulls off the 17's rather well. Mine does from the right angle, but I'd just prefer to have a bit more rubber between me and the road... Partly to protect the rims on PA's hideous roads, mostly because I don't feel like having expensive short-lived low-profile tires on my car...

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my tires are holding up pretty well.. i know people who run nittos of course and those dont last for crap


Well, I went from 6/32 to probably about 2/32 on my front tires in a matter of... 3k miles or so with normal, if not light use. Suffice to say they're now my rear tires.

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i drive about 400 miles just to school and back in a week during the semester not counting going to work during the week and weekend.. holding up pretty good


i have raptors though.. idk what you have


Ventus HRII's... Bad life, bad traction, bad tires. :dry:

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Just sucks that maybe one rim out of twenty offers sizes 16" and under...

OEM KNEEGROW!!! :thumbsup:




lol wht a replyyy and kew kew 18's a no go! just thought i had a good ddeal lol. they where from of my lude buddies when i use to have a lude

and you should buy them and resell for profit :thumbsup:

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i think Sis and blades look tits on del sols


just dont paint them, EVER! :nono:


or if you feel like dropping lots o pennies.. VOLKS NIGGUH!!! :thumbsup: lol


I'll be sticking with the Si's. And the only reason I'd paint them is if they were really beat up... And I'd go gunmetal.

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$500 with tires? not too bad but it might be hard to make a nice profit off that.. if youre lucky and can sell your ass off you could make about 700 if they have decent tread

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