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New Wheels For The Sol

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So i got me a new set of wheels that im shipping home when i leave here to put on the sol, the tires are 2: 80% tread 2: 60% tread.. i cant wait to get them on the sol to see what they look like, WOOT WOOT!!!






not a bad deal ehh? set of 4 with tires for free. oh and my honda centercaps will go on these :devil:

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if i like these on my sol, ill rock them for a while and give the blades to alicia (girl with the blurple EG) until i get tired of these then swap out and let her rock these and ill rock the blades :p


well see when they get home and i put them on the sol


and colter thats why i like them soo much, they're old school like theyre supposed to go on a hachi-roku or something but i think theyll be sex on the sol :happy:

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hell i dunno.. tire specs are Sudo Stunner's, 195/45 R15 78V, if that helps at all..


i looked on the inside of the rim... no stamps or anything besides the one that says ::made in germany::

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im thinking about paying my step dads friend who owns the shop that i took the sol to get the clutch and flywheel done at, to polish these wheels and my blades for $100 for both... oh yea and theyll be mirror finish :devil:

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im trying!! i have to wait for household goods to come pick them up >_<


there's no way in hell im mailing 4 wheels with tires from germany to TN.. cost WAAAAY too much money

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sweet idea :D I wanna see a pic when it's done :D

i think im going to take my subs out of the sol when i go to cali and put these wheels/tires in the trunk and have my bags and stuff in the passanger side of the car. that way when i get to cali i can take these wheels, and my blades to a shop to get polished with a mirror finish..


possibly put some blue somewhere in the wheels?

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