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Tour de HF


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Tour de HF (codenamed Project Tsunami) is a trip I will be taking in December and January around the U.S. (approx Dec 20 - Jan 20). Rick is coming with me and others are welcome to join us or just meet us along the way.


The route is still being planned but we will be making an effort to stop in heavily heffer (HF'er) populated areas.


Let us know if we can meet up with you somewhere along the way. The more the better! My AIM is rzeilman31


Our preliminary map looks like this (subject to change):




C - Sumter, SC

delsolsweetie (Sarah)

tko (Chris)


D - Atlanta, GA

tubbith (Johnny)


E - Daytona Beach, FL

Shanebot90 (Shane)


I - Las Vegas, NV

Sport Injection (Justin)

mpearce1974 (Mike)

Brian EG2 (Brian)


O - Chicago, IL


sup (Gary)


P - Columbus, OH

speeddemon (David)


xeryon (Jason)


Q - Hershey, PA

ducttape2334 (Justin)

diablo2dusk (Jake)

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If you make a slight detour off 95 onto 40 towards Durham, OR if you take US1 from 95 down into NC from VA you'll be right in my area. 95 runs through the next county over and I don't know anything out there really. But, if you did the detour, ya'll could crash here for a night & get drunk with us. haha

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hey when you guys come through columbus ohio let me know and ill come up for a visit :)(if you stay on schedule lol) im only 45 to 50 minutes south in chillicothe, ohio

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oic. ryan doesn't want to stop and see me...

he doesn't want MY number or MY aim...







:thumbsup: I'll come see you, and i'll take your number. Haha, kidding. maybe.

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sweet ur cummin right through dayton... i live litterally right off the highway your going through.... btw i live in beavercreek... much better than dayton! less crime/murders ftw!!


ill try to get the gsr sol out for you guys... unless the ground is covered in snow! h3ll if you guys would start it a month earlier i would be on my winter break... my winter break is like 2 months long

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Your planned route exactly half way between columbus and dayton ohio will take you within 12 miles of my house.


I have a huge place, time will tell (since there is a little one arriving in one month) but I might have a viable spot for people to crash at.

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