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TS John's Build Thread

TS John

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Well, today I had the yen to make a build thread even though I have been AWOL for a while... So here it is!


First we do the fun part: pictures. I was gonna wash it all up today and do a photoshoot but then it started storming, so that's a no go. I'll update later with more pics once the car is clean and has a few loose ends tied up (see below).


These are the most recent pics I have, but I should warn you they're cellular telephone style, so not the best. Enjoy them anyway.










Now the less fun, braggy part. Here's my stuff that I've done. Woo hoo.


What I've done so far:

-- CAI w/AEM Filter & Bypass Valve

-- Megan Racing 4-2-1 Stainless Header

-- Skunk2 Cat-Back Exhaust

-- Skunk2 Coilovers

-- Skunk2 Rear Lower Arm Bar

-- Front & Rear Upper Strut Bars

-- B&M Short Shifter

-- SoCal Speed Shop Shifter Ball

-- Black LS Meshies

-- Amber Corners

-- Blackout Tails


Awaiting arrival/install:

-- New front weatherstripping to stop all the leakage.

-- New Falken Ziex tires.

-- Repainting the wheels to be a darker, shinier, ceramic black.


Plans for the future:

-- PWJDM carbon fiber intake

-- New seats (either GSR seats or recovering mine in black leather)

-- Momo steering wheel and pedals (nothing extreme, just a little classier)

-- 35% tint (maximum legal tint in MD)

-- Front lip and repaint, keeping the car black

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it may not be the greatest picture.. but its awesome because you laid on your stomach to get it


(at least it sure does look like it in the reflection.. AND had on a white shirt)




hey if you swap out the seats or recover them, i still have dibs on the red stripes right?


screw colt.. i have teg seats.. wanna trade :D

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Thanks for the comments, people.


Rick, I may hold you to that if you ever actually see my car...


Ryan, those wheels are pretty new (don't have many pictures with them). I'll post up more once my new tires get here and I get a chance to repaint them and clean all the brake dust off them.


Colter, if I buy new seats, you can surely buy mine from me. Or if you can find me good GSR seats and broker a trade I would be open to that.


Sarah, I did lie on my stomach for that picture... Kinda weird that you noticed that but okay. Also, what kind of teg seats are we talking here? The black leather GSR seats? Any pictures? Send me a PM if you are serious about trading. Thanks.

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Oh, bummer. The only reason I'm looking is cuz I want everything in my interior to be black or grey (instead of the blue and red seats that come in Si's) so I can't trade for them. Well, I guess I'll keep looking.

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