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Hello, everybody. My name's Kenny, and I'm from Denver. I don't own a Honda, but plan on buying one with a buddy to turn into either an auto-x or rally-x car. I'm hoping to get a few ideas, and learn some new things about these cars.

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Very nice. I like the wheels. They suit the car well.



Thanks, man! Yeah, I like them much better than my old wheels.... in terms of weight. Looks, not so much. I used to have Enkei GF1's. But really wanted these...

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Yeah, I'm on NASIOC. As for mods. They are as follows....



Megan Racing catless DP.

Blitz Nur Spec catback.

SPT short ram.

VF39 w/AP V2 map & FFS.


Cobb short shifter w/shifter bushings.

KSport coilovers.

Cusco front and rear strut tower bars w/ triangular bar for the rear.

DBA rotors.

DIY I/C sprayer.


Plus a few cosmetic "mods" such as the JDM/EDM center console, bed lined rally armor mudflaps (not in the pics), and the STi limited replica lip.

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ehh... what can i say its a soobie.





lmao j/k, looks nice. im no soobie fan but this body style is starting to grow on me

(if i had one id still want to swap the engine out for a 4g63t somehow) :devil:

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its pretty


and im sure it would have no problem killing a b18 blue del sol... i mean.. it looks pretty quick




sit on it and spin :effyou:



:laugh: hahahahah

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hey hey hey now... i might be slow but im still quicker than you... now whats that say about SOHC? huh lol



it says my single cam is stock because i drive 50 miles to school and 50 miles back and i like 40 mpg and that i am spending my money on college


now.. a 240 that is in my future probably says something else.. you can tell me how the taillights look when i finish it.. kay? kay



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Welcome to the forum, Kenny from Colorado!


With any luck we'll both have a Honda =) I'm gonna try and sweet talk my boyfriend into letting me have his S2000.



Ah, I love S2K's. I don't know why. I usually hate convertibles. I'd love to get my hands on one, though.

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s2ks look like girl cars unless they are black and fixed up.. SOME of the time blue ones dont look too chic like


theres a black one in sumter with CF all over in and brakes and lightweight rims and stuff and an autocross sticker thing on it.. that one didnt look like a chic car


but theres also a silver one.. looks like a chic car IMO

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