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1994 Honda Civic 1.5 b7 block, 1.5 stock head (put back to stock after the 1.6 head wouldn't run right).


The timing belt was ok until i took it off to replace the 1.6 head with the 1.5 head. Cam gears are the same amount of teeth, the height of the head is the same, but i had to use a engine hoist to get the belt back on. Its on, but its way too tight.


I've tried tightening and loosening the tensioner and havn't had any slack. Like i said it was fine before it came off, only thing the 1.6 head i couldn't get tuned right, valves, timing, etc.


I'm currently off 2 teeth, and will have to redo the process once again to time it right, but even when i get it timed right, i'm scared to run the engine with the belt this tight.


Whats the deal? My tensioner out of wack?

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did you do something weird with the tensioner to get the belt to fit over the 1.5 block and 1.6 head? for example you put a d16 belt on and since the block is a little shorter you tightened the tensioner way up to take up the slack and now you can't adjust it properly?

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Well, now that I think of it, I put the newer belt on of the two. The belt was on the used engine i bought, which was a 1.5 block with the 1.6 head installed. Tension was great.


Are a 1.5 and a 1.6 belt different? Should i put a 1.5 belt on my 1.5 block and 1.5 head? I guess i didn't think of the belt being different. Thats dumb. Along with the distributor mounts being different. Same internal parts, different mounts. Damn hondas, never again. :)

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