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1/8th mile run


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i took my crx to the 1/8th mile drag, (they didn't have a 1/4mile close by) and i wasn't sure it was ok for the time or not, i ran 10.009 @ 71mph. my 60ft was 2.38, i was having little problem with launch, once it hook up it was at 4grand, i bogged for about a 1000rpm then kick in. my crx is a si, with full interiror. running 2055015 azenis.(falken).

my friend crx dx ran 10.27 @ 69 don't remeber his 60ft time. also full interior but vs i have header full catback, itr flywheel and stage 2 clutch but untune still at pr3 obd 0 ecu.

i know weight play a big role. i don't think i should run 10 on 1/8th, but i know the crx does better on the last 1/8th mile if it was 1/4, what u guys think??, i m plan on testing my car with more bolt on, plan on going with skunk2 mani and also conv to obd1 p28 with hondata. i trying to run as fast as possible before turbo.

i think with skunk2 mani i should be in 9s, may be 9.8 to 9.9.

what u guys think? is it a bad time for my car?? or is that why crx should run??. there was a 98 crx d16 vtec with turbo setup and ran 10.04 and a brand new 09 eclipse gt ran 9.6. so i don't really know what i should run. thx for any input.

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I rember when I used to race alot I got low 10's like you when I was all motor. It look months of practice to get better at launching. I ran 10.1 in my car. my friends car was almost the exact same with same mods. we should be getting close time but he was running like 12.5's so I asked to drive his car for a run and I ran it at 10.2. he was very upset. just work on your reaction time and launch.


so in the end it is alot about the driver of the car. that CRX with the turbo, the driver might not know how to race it yet.

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RT actually has nothing to do with the time you run... you can sit at the light for 10 min before you launch and you'll still run like a 10 sec... your launch and 60 ft it what gets you going.. heat yours tires up and try launchin about 2200ish then go up to 2500ish then up to 2800ish then up to 3kish then up to 3200ish


all depends on the track too.. if you can launch at 3k one track you might have to launch at 3200 next time or 2800 at another track..


and you can always try letting out on the clutch a little easier and not dropping it.. some FWD cars take more practice launching


oh and hold it in gear cause depending on if the track is really really prepped or just a little it might pop out of gear.. i normally dont have a problem but my brother in laws spec-v loves doing it


and far as the vtec turbo set up.. a lot of people think vtec and turbos dont mix because if you dont tune them right and dont have the right setup your asking for trouble

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100 lbs = 1 car = 1/10th of a second



roughly speaking in drag racing of course



who needs interior!


yea, i thinking about jumping out the car, on the last part of the race, lol. jk

i got me a blox mani, i fixing to drop that in, and also plan on getting 66mm blox throttle body. i just pick up chipped p28 with gsr map for 50 bucks, so i gonna go obd1. but i don't think that p28 going to do any better till i get hondata and remap it. i hopefully with the mani, throttle body and obd1 will put me into 9s, well also take few interior piece out. oh also work on my lanch too.

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