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16 inch or 17 inch?


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because you have a newer civic, i would say 17s because the body is a a little bit bigger than the older ones and they will fit better with the car.


coilovers are more expensive, but you are able to adjust your ride height and stiffness. so if you want to adjust, get coilovers, if youre happy at one height, get springs

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coilovers are more expensive


which kinda coilovers are you talking about??? The cheap ebay ones for $55? or the real ones for like $1800? I have tried the cheap ones and they suck. I would go with springs myself unless the car would be doing something that more expence is needed on suspension(like drifting or cross country). other than that exception springs are the way to go.


Just Jeff's $.02 Take it for what it is worth.....

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Springs are just a replacement for the springs you already have. The cheap coilovers would bust your struts. they bounce too much and your struts can't handle the constant up and down... up and down... I would get some KYB struts and some Eibach springs.

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i say 17's out of the two.. friend of mine has the 07 Si with 18's and its dropped on skunk 2 coilovers ( DO NOT GET THEM ) and it looks really good


so go 17's


ill post a picture of his Si in a bit

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