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How is everyone doing? My name is Joel and I am selling a LS block b-18b1 CP 9.5.1 compression pistons, Crower 750hp Connecting Rods, Stock Crank Golden Eagle Girdle, ARP Head and Main Studs, Blue Printed and Balanced. GSR Head ITR Cams, SK2 Pro Springsa and retainers, Ferrea Valves, Port and Polish Stage 1, Edelbrock Manifold, BDL 75mm Throtle Body, and Golden Eagle Fuel Rail wih 1600cc injectors brand new. . Now the motor is fully assembled and has never been dropped in any car. There is no transmission just long block. Reason for sale is personal but before I set my mind on selling it , I would like to know what the market is set at for this type of sale. There is roughly $20,000 invested I am looking for 7k. Is that asking for too much? Local people here in Orlando say that its too much but I see it as anyone who builds is spending the same amount or more so my price is change? What do you guys think?



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