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2009 Honda Accord Coupe V6 EX-L

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im looking to buy an exhaust system, or even just a muffler.. something that will change the sound of the stock exhaust a little bit..i want something that wont sound crapty, but also wont be too raspy..something that sounds just straight up beast... all help will be appreciated..


also, im not looking to spend crazy loads of money, which is why im willing to go with the muffler....


also ; is it stupid to mod up an automatic car? i dont wanna go crazy spendning money if there really is NO point what so ever, the most ill do is probably intake and exhaust.. for now ..

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there have been a bunch of exhaust threads on the forums, try using the search function to see what the responses have been.


also since your car is new, there probably isn't a huge market of exhausts out there. doing a quick search on google i noticed that greddy and magnaflow make exhausts for your car. i found this greddy one for just over $500 which is good for a name brand cat-back exhaust system. i also believe this is titanium.



also try searching on youtube. that way you can get some sound clips as well. but remember it wont sound exactly like it because you lose a lot from the mic on the camera and also your computer speakers.


as for modding an automatic....well i personally really wouldnt do much, i really wouldnt buy one to begin with just because manuals are so much more fun. if you want a little more pep, the intake and exhaust should keep you happy, and it will be under a grand.

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is there anyway you can record it so i can hear it before i purchase it?

heres a clip, but yours really wont sound like it since you have a V6 and i also have a header and intake

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i used to have an automatic 99 civic ex and people kind of didnt like the fact that it was automatic...but as long as you do stuff right and make it look good, i dont think that it being automatic would matter. i had an Apexi N1 cat on that one and it sounded real nice, but it was kinda loud so it got annoying after a while.


but for your newer accord, thats a good lookin body style, so as long as you make it look nice, being automatic wont really be a problem in my opinion.

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