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My 2002 Honda Civic Si


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So here's my car. It used to be my aunt's, and I would always make fun of her because of how ugly it was. She even said the dealer gave her a couple thousand off of it when she bought it because it was so ugly. Lo and behold, I end up getting it. I affectionately call her "Lafawnduh the Honda". As stated in my introduction, I was deathly afraid of driving a stick-shift. I learned on our BMW, and, needless to say, I must have stalled a jillion times. Now, several months later, I drive my car all around with no problem. I can get you the stats on her, but many of you already probably know. 160HP I think, 4 cylinder, etc. And manual transmission, of course. The only way to drive :D




























Sorry for the terrible pictures.

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Nice. I'm not really feelin the color. It looks too "gold" to me. You need to get some shots in the sun. :thumbsup:

Yeah, it was at night in the garage haha, I'll get some better shots.


And it's NOT ugly, just different ;)

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That thing is a damn 4x4.. lol.


I'd say with a drop, some tint, and maybe some rims it would look pretty good.

I'm 16, broke, and I usually only use it to go to school and friends' houses haha. What's a 4x4? sorry for my noob-ness :(

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Just what it says.. 4x4.. usually used to refer to 4wheel drive trucks.


Basically just sayin it sits way the hell off the ground. Pokin a little fun at ya. (my car doesnt sit any lower)

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Needs moar lower and whillz

I actually believe that it is low enough, considering that I live in an area with a lot of bumps and hills ;)


Besides, low riders look dumb IMO haha

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pretty sexy to me.







and i like it i almost bought a blue EP3 way back in 04.. i like em lots.. im suprised to see a stock one.. not many stock EP3's where i live

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What's the point of "a drop"? Is it hard to do? What are the benefits/drawbacks? And yeah, sorry it's dirty haha



a drop is lowering the car. benefits are lower center of gravity, more traction, car will not look like a 4x4, and in some cases if your like brian if you have some hilly roads you can shoot sparks lol.


drawbacks are it can be expensive, and if you dont have the right setup you will go through tires pretty quick due to camber wear.



anybody else please feel free to tell me if im wrong or to add and whatnot

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