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car lagging

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I have a lsvtec turbo set up...my car lags and doesnt want to accelerate..i just finished my swap a few weeks ago...i feel like my car is not getting enough fuel...maybe i need to change my ecu but i'm not sure. Im using the stock p28 ecu. I checked all my sensors and hoses and everything seems to be fine..the only thing i need to do left is hook up my O2 sensor. I'm going to get it tuned soon and maybe that might fix my lagging problem. My car funs fine when i first start it up but as i drive around a few blocks the car would start to lag and it will accel very slowly...if i try to floor the gas pedal the car will pick up very slowly and feel like its shaking..but if i slowly accel on the pedal it will pick up okay but very slowly. I really need help and i've been on a bunch of forums and no one can help me.

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what size injectors are you running?

did you install an aftermarket fuel pump to keep up with the demands of the turbo? is your throttle cable loose?



i'm running stock gsr injectors...i didnt install the fuel pump yet because the car shouldnt lagg even thought the fuel pump is smaller...something else is causing my car to not pick up speed but i dont know

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