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how does a wastegate work

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ok so it last night i finally got the oil lines made and installed for my car and was able to at least start it up to hear it run. but next thing is next


the wastegate that came with the car appears to be this one



says the stock spring is 9lbs


what i need help with is

where do all the vacuum lines go on the wastegate? i already have the bung hole on the intake mani

where the boost controller is installed?

how to change the spring? best place to buy a new one?


and if someone can explain this cause i cant seem to find the answer. my goal is to run only around 6 psi on this engine for a while to be sure that its stable. so how does the boost controller work with the spring that is already in the wastegate? cause if its a 9bls spring but i want 6 lbs will that spring still work with the controller letting me let off the boost lower?

would it let me go higher?(later project)

is a spring necessary if your running a boost controller?


and the big thing right now is the car is not ready to be tuned so i want to run little as possible to no boost if i can.

how can that be done?




it seems the one thing i cant find answers on the internet is wastegates.



sorry bout all the questions

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1. Drill and tap a hole in your compressor outlet to fit a 1/4OD barb fitting.

2. Run a Vacuum line from compressor outlet to boost controller.

3. Run a vacuum line from boost controller to your wastegate.



If I remember right if you screw your BC all the way in that is 0psi of boost, But I can't remeber.

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