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99 Honda Passport Starting Trouble

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I have a 99 honda passport. Since we bought this car, we have done nothing but try to fix it since we realized they took out the "Check Engine" bulb. Weve put in manufacturer spark plugs, oxygen sensors, EGR valve, you name it. It has trouble starting. You have to hold the key a long time until it finally starts up. Occaisonally it will start right up then stall. It tends to not want to start when hot, but it is tempermental. Sometimes it starts right up when it is hot. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? We had a diagnostics done at the dealership, but the onyl thing that popped up was that the check engine bulb was missing. Thanks.

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sounds like your not getting a good spark off the coil and dist. or your not getting a constant fuel delivery to the f/i system at start up maybe the fuel pump relay is going out as well that im not to sure about though...



have you checked the timing belt l8ly? your timing may be off a couple degrees witch would give it trouble starting up BUT if your timing was off the car would run like crap and you'd prty much blow the motor up.


could actually be alot of different things as to why it wont start all the time


i mean clogged injectors, carbon build up on the f/i system, relays going out, sensors going out, coil, dist., plug wires, clogged fuel filter, fuel pump getting clogged up from the left over residue from the gas,ecu, comp, you no could any of these things or the whole shabang.



if anybody else has any more info on why it wont start plz feel free to correct me on any of this.

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