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Official what's in your car thread


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Let's see what kind of crap you keep in your car :thumbsup:


Ray Bans



iPod, Red Bull, and quarters in the center console. I swear the cupholder in there is meant only for Red Bull.



Altoids in the rear console. Wintergreen FTW.



Deposit slips, insurance/registration, a pen, and a house key in the glovebox.


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um... lets see. the glove box has splenda packets, napkins, phone chargers, colgate wisps, a hair brush, hair pins, hair ties, pens/pencils, notepad, and probably a whole bunch more random crap that I don't even realize is in there. door pockets have a bunch of mail pushed down the side, a boost cell phone that has no minutes, a set of dice, & playing cards. center console has nail file, 2 sets of nail clippers, tweezers, earrings, pennies & spare coins, cigarettes, lighter, garage remote, 2 pairs of sunglasses. Backseat of the car is usually covered in clothes, heels, extra pair of flip flops, junk mail, soda cans/bottles, empty cigarette packs/cartons, newspapers, dvds... currently, the trunk's empty but that's only because I had to take everything out to fit some suitcases in it. Usually there's shoes, jackets, a blanket, and a bunch of other random junk back there.


yeah, I rarely clean out my car.

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haha. anyones welcome to break into my car... hopefully they'll damage it enough that insurance could write it off & I could get a new car. It's pretty obvious I don't keep anything of importance in there and I think the ridiculous amounts of trash in the backseat is enough to put nearly anyone off. Not to mention, no one would want my car anyway- there's already enough of them on the roads & in junk yards- so if they did, they'd have to be pretty damned desperate.

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Lol fair enough Lexi. Just thought I'd say cos a car forum is a dam easy way to find out a lot about a person, and to see if their car/house is worth breaking in to. Gary, I'd just be careful dude, especially saying you stick a house key in your car!

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HACC Automotive shirt and steel-toed boots, GPS, first aid kit, registration and insurance, a small solar panel, and a CD wallet. I'm probably forgetting a few things... Oh yeah, 2 bottles of brake fluid and jumper cables.

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Change holder

Spare change

Extra fuses


Glove Box




Remote for the radar detector


Center console

Orbit Wintergreen Gum


CK Obsession



Assorted Movies



12 - Corona

18 - Coors Light

6 - Bud Lime

Flask Hennessey

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carton of smokes, empty boxes of smokes, a few lighters, coolant in the trunk, some empty boxes of smokes in trunk, and ash in front carpet, some expired condoms in my certer console, a baseball bat in my trunk, and a knife under my seat.. mmmm thats all i can see in my legend

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as of now virtually nothing. all of the plastic panels from the doors back have been removes, as well and the rear seats. i'm redoing the armrests and cup holer cover thing in the rear in digital camo, and the headliner, sunroof cover, and pillars in black suede, then i'm hitting everything on the lower dash with truck bed liner. there are a bunch of random pieces of trash in the trunk that i found in various hiding spots, some airsoft bb's, a screwdriver, and my ipod. and driving a car that had a sunroof, without the sunroof is nuts. the roof vibrates with the air flowing over it and sounds like a massive sub woofer is pounding your ears.

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12- 2"x4"x4'

2- 1/2"x2'x4' sheets of plywood

2- 3/8"x2'x4' sheets of plywood

3 fishing poles

4 tackle boxes

work tools/clothes

2 cases of castrol oil

pair of steel toe boots


i win lol

i think you win for having the most useful stuff... mine wins for being the messiest/disorganized/most trashed. lmao

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In my si:


Cd case

Spare clothes in back seat (folded)

Flip flops

Ipod adapter

Marlboro light 72s




Gsr strut tower brace

B series vtec spark plug cover

1994 honda civic tape player stereo reciever



In my ef hatch:




More dirt

Box of labeled parts

Bunch of crap I need to throw away.

Bolts and nuts all across the dash

Tool box



More dir

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shades, alcohol-free handwash, fastfood napkins, cds, bodyspray/cologne, pens, (do coins count?), cell phone holder, portable gps?, cell phone charger, speaker/speaker box and all other audio equipment, golf clubs, radar..

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