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Crank at TDC

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ok ive read over and over and over how to get the #1 piston to TDC, but i just cant find the danged timing mark on the crankshaft sprocket.. i mean with the head off, ive eyeballed it to what im pretty sure is TDC for #1, but i want to make sure exactly, but i just dont see the mark its talkin about on the sprocket.....

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Do you have the crank accessory pulley off?


If so look at the pulley the timing belt goes on, on one of the teeth there will be a line cut in, ans on the oil pump there will be another line.


Line those two up and your good to go.

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But if it was ever takin off and not put back on right the line may not be where it should.Easiest way to check is tak out number 1 spRkplug and put a long screw driver or somethig and hand turn the motor until the screwdriver is all the way up. That will be tdc or 180 off. Hope that helps. My. Rank pulley was put on wrong so we had to do that to find tdc and put the pulley on right. Sorry if my spelling is screwy on anything I'm not used to Iphones LOL

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There could still be a little play in doing it the screw driver way. One tooth off could be drastic. Hand crank your crank pulley until you mark up the timing belt cover mark with the single crank mark on the crank pulley. If you can't see any marks on the pulley, use colored chalk to fill in the grooves. Get tdc and double check by seeing if your number 1 cylinder is at top, and all your valves for number 1 are closed.

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IF the crank pulley is right of course :-



or go get a timing light


and last time i checked being one thing off isnt going to hurt it.. it will just be advanced or retarded a bit and if its too much it wont run right and that means redo it.. last time i checked i was told a d16 was not designed to have any interference.. so if it is off and all stock then the piston isnt going to hit anything and mess crap up



but to each his own.. i know quite a few people who have down the screwdriver method and they were smart enough to get it damn near perfect because there wasnt a timing light around

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