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I need a donor car


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Hello all,

I am new to the forums and really need some help. The weather in California is beautiful today and when I went to take the top off the stupid driver side handle cracked, cheap plastic. So I really need to find that silly little plastic piece. And since I am here I might as well ask if anyone knows of a donor car for a couple other issues, directly above the tire well on both the driver and passenger side I have some rust, it's not terribly bad about the size of a quarter and I would like to find a car that I can cut out those pieces as well.


Thank you all for the help.




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heh heh, same thing happened to me a few months ago.. i just found both the pieces and epoxy'd it back together... best bet is just to go to a junk yard to find what you need with the little rust... or if its just on the fender, you could go ahead and find a nifty pretty fender to add a little looks to yer ride...

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