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replacing car window


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so i locked my keys in my car a few months ago, and havnt been worried since its been sitting not running needing work. ima have it runnin within the next couple of days, just need a couple of gaskets and itll be good to go, anyway back to the point. i busted out the small triangular window on the passenger side to get in. just wonderin how hard itll be to replace it, or should i just go have a glass shop do it?

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...um you know you couldve called the police and they wouldve opened the door for free right?


anywho, have you bought the glass yet? i have a feeling its going to be pretty expensive because those are rarely broken

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yeah, i thought of that, but figured (in my case anyway) the less contact with police the better... im pretty known around here to law enforcement... not a good thing.. and i tried using my roadside assistance i have through alltel, only company they could find to do it was in tyler (about 45 minute drive) and wouldnt come for less than $200.. and i didnt really wanna stay with my babys momma lol, so i said 'frack' it and smashed it with a hammer lol

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or ill just buy Orca89's for $40 shipped, since he offered



since out of the 4 junkyards within a 50 mile radius from here, ive not seen 1 del sol

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