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2009 Sports Thread

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^ wow, its more a sport than golf, nascar, and texas holdem lol



Two of the 3 are sports.. texas holem.. well, you gotta live vicariously through someone. Why not some job blow that wins millions in a week.


Oh and Baseball IS a sport!!

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^ Very much so, Ive always been a die hard cubs fan, especially when the come to miller park, But otherwise I cheer on the brewers when I go to games no against the cubs lol

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Well I watch MMA/ Pride/ Affliction/ WEC, football (Not in season now), basketball (Again not in season), Soccer.....


so what else should I be watching? And it better be a damn good sport

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I watch:




-Formula 1



-Golf (yes golf, what you wanna fight about it)


I can never watch more than 5 minutes of a baseball game at a time.

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there has got to be some ultimate fighting on or something. jeezus watching grass grow is better than baseball


Nah none on...but hey thats what outfielders are paid for lol


cmon its world cup time....almost. and from the way things are going over there, probably going to be World Cup 2011 instead


cant wait.....cant wait!!!!

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