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battery wont hold a charge


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Are there any shorts in any of the wiring?


Also, make sure the alternator is actually plugged in, you'd be surprised.


i would check this 1st my self, if that doesnt work you most likely have a short some where could be vry hard to find then again it could just be a relay like pballer said,


also does it stay charged when your driving it or do you let your car sit there 4 a day or 2 and try to start it? if your driving it and it doesnt stay charged, either you bought a bad alternator(YES IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUY A BRAND NEW PIECE AND ITS ALREADY BAD WHEN YOU PUT IT ON)... or when your driving the car and it doesnt stay charged your alt. plug wires arnt connected all the way (you did tighten the alt. ground wire back down right?).... or your motor ground could be loose or your pos. wire is loose on the starter just fittle around with some of the wires in the engine bay and see if there loose.could be a series of things but mainly its either your alt. or you have a short some where

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