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I'm super bored and I need some new blogs to stalk on my google reader. The wedding ones are starting to become a bit redundant now that the wedding's nearly here & most of it's planned or purchased already. Fashion ones are only decent once in a while. Same with Celebrity ones. Personal ones are cool... if they're witty or interesting. They're boring if it's all about how much someone hates their life.


...and I need more blog-stalking material to try and link as affiliates to mine. So, any suggestions?


btw- this is mine: http://notacaliforniagirl.blogspot.com

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It's usually people blabbing on. I read the news and articles about cool stuff though...


Your is pretty cool...I don't get what you mean by "California girls" though. Lol.

lol lina. it's a quote from a song... but I'm definitely NOT a california girl. hell, I've never even been to Cali! haha.



Seb- lemme know if you do. I'll stalk ya. lol.

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