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Adjusting ride height

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Ive got a set of Tein Basic Dampers on my 94 del sol.. the ride height is set pretty low to where if i take a turn slightly faster than recomended the body roll will make my tires scrub on the fender wells.. i wanna raise it up half an inch in the front and a full inch in the rear. the problem is, the setup was on the car when i bought it, so i dont have the tool to rotate it to raise it up.. any suggestions how to accomplish this?

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Contact Brian EG2


He just recently got Tein coilovers on his sol, and probably has 2 of those hook spanner tools.


EDIT: I just realized you will probably need 2 of them, so either you're gonna have to convince him to sell you both, or you'll have to look on ebay or something.

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call Tein and ask if they will send you more out, if not free, offer to buy them.


Headquarters and West Coast Branch


Shipping/ Mailing Address:

TEIN USA, Inc. - West

9798 Firestone Blvd.

Downey, CA 90241

Telephone: 562-861-9161

Fax: 562-861-9171

Hours: 9:30AM – 6PM PST


East Coast Branch


Shipping/ Mailing Address:

TEIN USA, Inc. - East

1725 Corporate Dr., Suite 340

Norcross, GA 30093

Hours: M-F 9:30AM – 6PM EST

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