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03 A/C-blower problem


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New member here with my first post, great site you've got here. I seek information regarding my 03 V6 EX with the dual climate controls. When I turn on the A/C or even the fan nothing happens at all, no air blows, nothing. Has anyone experienced this and know where the problem lies? How about a wiring diagram for my my vehicle? I would really appreciate any and all help!!!


Thank you,


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have you checked your fuses and relays? if thoughs are good you could have a burnt out switch not likely but its possible, your condenser could be bad, the plug could of popped off some how could be a couple different things wrong with it. and the best diagram ur going to get is out of a manual, buy it at autozone or something like that for your yr and model.

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First start with testing the blower motor function from the switch to the motor, if there is a problem with the transistor(blower resistor) It will keep the compressor from working as well.

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