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Didnt know where to put this..


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That's really cheap...it might be stolen or something...


If you do check it out and it's good, that's an awesome deal, IMO :)


Are you thinking of putting it in your car or in a different shell? As far as I know, it would fit in your car...

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thats not cheap at all, especially for a motor with 80k miles on it.

pick it up though, why not.

do a compression/leak test on it.

start building it on your spare time, then swap it into the car.

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Since your in ohio check out ohio-hondas.com first cause a guy on there has a complete b-series swap he got from hmotors 15,000 miles ago (so likely 50k or less) for sale. Last thread bump I scene he had it for $1200. He appears to have a legit support from the forums too so it's definitly worth checking into if your even considering this.




EDIT: And yeah Hmotors should be a fair amount more considering the pretty much guarnteed miles (averaging round 30k) and the fact that they are inspected and cared for a great deal more than some guy ripping it out of a car and selling it.

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the motors from hmotors that have the 20k-30k miles tho could be pulled out of cars in japan that have been driven hard. nonethe less hmotors does seem to be a damn good seller. every honda site im on iv seen them mention numerous times.

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well i stopped by and took a peek, nice motor, runs great, little black smoke. he didnt have a title for it, at least thats what he said. and he got the motor from an old friend. idk he jsut seemed fishy. im looking for that b series jerrodh. i think i fianlly found the thread. so we will see. im gonna talk to him some more tomorrow. ill give u guys an update asap

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