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1996 Honda Accord 4cyl


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So I have a 1996 Honda Accord, and it's running slightly worse than it should be. When I changed the spark plugs, they had oil on them and a while after I put the new ones in, they too had oil on them.


I'm assuming from what I've been told, it's either the rings... or the valve guide seals. The one thing it does that I find odd, is if I'm sitting at a stop light for a while, it will try to jerk forward. It's not a huge neck breaking jerk, but it's noticable.


Does that sound anything like either rings or valve guides would do?


Will bad rings and/or valve guides cause more damage over time? or just cost me more in oil, and make Al Gore mad?

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You oil issue sounds like to valve cover o-ring seals that sit on top of the spark plug tubes are leaking. If too much oil gets in there it can cause weird issues with the engine performance. I would pull the valve cover and replace the gasket and gromets for the spark plug tubes. Try to clean the oil out of the tubes while your are in there.


If that does not solve you problem at a stop it could be several different things including your transmission. Start with the seals and see where that gets you.

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