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They pushed my car (see the skid?) and the deepest indent is ~3.5 inches.


I went inside of my university's kitchen back door, 3 minutes later came out to find this. I remembered seeing a gold Ford Windstar in the parking lot, so I went hunting! I ran up towards the dorms and guess what I saw??? A gold Windstar parked with my paint on its bumper!! I had called the cops, and the cop came to my car, and then I told him I found the person who hit it. He was like are you sure? I laughed and said yea im sure. We hopped in the patrol car and drove the 100 yards to the other car, and the owner came out of one of the dorms all concerned when the cop was looking over his car. The cop asked him if he'd been anywhere, he said no, the cop felt his engine bay, it was warm, and the cop asked him why it was warm if he hadnt gone anywhere. He changed his story and said he went to the kitchen to pick up a cooler. The cop told him not to leave, and had the university cop stay with him, and we went back to my car. The cop peeled a GOLD piece of bumper from my door, and talked to the chef in the kitchen. Big surprise, nobody had picked up any cooler. We go back to his car, and the cop fits the piece of bumper like a puzzle piece to his bumper. Color and size, dead match. The cop asked him how his bumper ended up embedded in my car if he hadnt gone anywhere, then asked how he picked up a cooler when the chef said nobody did. The guy's story changed again, something about bagged lunches. The cop was like well did you hit the car? The man said "No." The officer said "well its pretty obvious that you did so I'm writing you citations for the accident, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of the accident. His story changed reallllllly quick, "Well maybe I did hit it, I dont remember because I was in a hurry." The cop basically said whatever and wrote up the accident report. His insurance is paying for everything, long story short.


The funniest thing - I looked at his name tag - HE IS A MISSIONARY FOR A VERY LARGE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH ORGANIZATION. Haha, the cop told him "I thought you people weren't supposed to lie." Burn, anyone?

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