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turbo boost controller and fitting

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just want to see what everyone's preference's is on boost controllers and fittings for the oil lines and sending units

manual boost controller - you can save hundreds of dollars over an electric one by simply popping your hood and turning a knob rather than pushing a button... worth it to me but maybe not to others. you can mount a manual controller in your car but thats alot of extra vacuum lines and ive heard thats not the greatest thing to do. but who knows!


and can you have a preference on fittings for oil lines? ...get some? braided lines and make sure the fittings are sealed together so dey dont leak all over da place!


and i dont know what you mean by sending units? :-

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i guess its part of a oil sending line kit... but the adapter that the oil feed line and the oil sending unit connect to



the reason for these questions is that im putting together a turbo kit that is missing a few parts


ex. oil return line, water cooling plugs for the end of the hoses, vacuum line between the wastegate and the Intake Mani, boost controller....i really need that one cause i have no clue what the spring is in the wastegate

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Depends on whether or not you need on the fly adjustment as to whether or not you choose manual or electronic. I'm going electronic because I like gadgets.


Use viton or silicone for your vacuum lines. Use a turbo timer and you can eliminate water cooling the turbo. A return line is a return line, it only need drain oil back into the pan. Could always change out the wastegate spring to eliminate the uncertainty.

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