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I have 2 questions regarding my 1992 hatchback and dads 89 hatch


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ok ill start with my dads car first, 1989 civic hatch si. his car is becoming extremelyhard to shift. the shift lever is extremely stiff like its dry. any ideas of what this could be?



ok on my 1992 civic si hatch. i recently replaces a caliper on the car, it was not properly releasing all the way, well now i am having trouble again. when i am driving the car down the road at a consistent speed the car randomly "grabs" and slows down a few mph and then picks back up, all withing a second. i thought it may be a warped rotor but they dont seem to be scored or overheating.


secondly with my car. whenever i try to accelerate it feels almost if the car is hesatiting with power. from a complete stop i push the pedal down in first gear and the car will hesitate for a few seconds then go like it has full power. at first i thought it was from shifting too early so i shifted at 7000 rpm and the same thing happens, it hesistates then accelerates. i ran a can of fuel injector cleaner through it last week and it persists. my valves do need adjusted but not badly. ill try replacing the fuel filter and air filter first. after that im praying its not the clutch getting ready to give out...


ok now we have another issue with the 92. i was driving home from work today and i heard this ticking noise(like metal on metal with a small squeal). well the instant i hear it the car feels like the brakes were tapped, but no brakes were being used. this tapping and squealing happens at random so i have no clue as to what it is. anyone got any ideas? im gonna try to pull the wheel off tomorrow morning if its not raining

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