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My New Rims


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yall are pansies


roads around here suck ass too cause it rains so much it washes away the stuff under the road leading to huge sink holes and pot hole and you just have to MISS them


and not to mention the city where i go to school has railroads EVERYWHERE (go slow) and hills everywhere and i park in a parking garage.. go at an ANGLE


by lower we dont mean slammed out on the damn ground.. just not so bad looking.. if anything get some adjustables and play with it






they look good btw

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Agreed about the profile of the rim. You will cause much more damage hitting a pothole and bending a rim and/or blowing out the sidewall then what you will cause by scraping the undercarraige if you lower it. my sedan is dumped and tucked with an oversized exhaust. my poor catalytic converter sits only 3in from flat pavement. it gets whacked and scraped on everything on these crummy roads in central ohio. so far a little scraping has hurt nothing over the last 3k miles.


For the most part 17" rims on a sol look a little too big, but when properly lowered to close the wheel gap it can look nice. until you lower it the car it looks nice, but it still looks like a 4x4 with those larger wheels.

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yeah. i drop would be nice. but im 16 and in debt now cuz of rims


sell the 17s, get some 15s and use the extra cash for some springs. or, just sell them and not be in debt.

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wow. i didnt think 17s lookd that bad on sols but man i guess its the style or if your lowered i honestly think 17s fit my car nice. Due to when i put my stock wheel on it i still had a crazy gap it lookd like crap and im not going lower then 2 inchs




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boo for visual before performance.

lol oi, he's doing it the right way around! :p



Not a big fan of the rims, they're a tad generic. And your car looks silly with it up so high, get a 40 mm drop. I'm on 17's, and have got a 40mm drop on some Koni Springs, it's all great. I only scrape the bumpers now and again when I'm not thinking, going over speedbumps, and sometimes on inclines, but like I've got a bigass bodykit, so that is only why it scrapes, you'll have no trouble whatsoever.


WTF at a 16 year old driving a del sol?! That ain't right lol. (btw noob, I'm a brit, n we don't drive til we're 17 here, so no offence meant lol).

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