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idle problems

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this is really starting to bug the crap out of me i cant figure it out and ive been to local tuner spots(pretty much everywhere i know where the tuners hang out even local shops like autozone or shucks/oreilly) to see if they can help me out all same some random stuff like my valves are bent to crap my motor mounts are broken my temp switches are going out, basicly giving me the whole ima idiot speech and i need to buy all new crap just to make my pulsing idle go away.(fill my blinker fluid basicly right) HAHA. anyways i have a 89 prelude si with pgm-fi, im thinking its the air idle control valve taking a dump. also it idles fine when i have the a/c running but when its turned off itll idle but itll pulse after i hit the gas a little when it hits operating temp.

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ok i had a guy at a local shop give me a good lay down of what this b/s idle prob is, all prty concrete ideas. he said it could the O2 sensors going out(keep in mind my valves need to be adjusted as well. maybe part of the issue??). also said i should check the ecu to see if it ohm's out right not sure what it should read... also he said i could have a vacuum leak but im prty sure i dont will check this a bit l8r

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